Dear Jessica: Stay Away From Men Who Rob You of Your Freedom

Dear Jessica, Listen, daughter of mine. Never date a man who feels the need to stifle your freedom.  Men who feel intimidated by your desire to have your own thoughts concerning your life; your body; your time; your  space; your art; your mind. Freedom (n) : The power or right to act, speak, or think... Continue Reading →


Dear Jessica; A Letter from Uncle Rash

(Hi Jess, Uncle Rash sent me this mail. Go on, read it for yourself) Dear Jessica, Hi! It’s me! Rash! Or as your mother prefers to call me: Captain! Listen, I know your mama has told you lots of things. Probably very little about me, but a lot about life. I’m not here to tell... Continue Reading →

Re-Imagine Kenya: Lamu Old Town

When planning my trip down to Lamu, I scourged the internet for articles and vlogs published by fellow wanderlusters with recommendations on interesting sites to visit. Top on that list were visiting Takwa ruins and going for a slow sunset sail. But things don’t always work as planned, do they? The weather was moody; the... Continue Reading →

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