Growing up was a trap; Adulthood is a Lie

It’s lunch hour. On a good day, I would be munching away on a home-made Egg and Avocado and tomato sandwich; or those cheap-but-oh-so-good chicken wings from Quickmart.  But then I’m stuck on my work station, a tidy mess of notebooks, lidless pens , calculators, water  bottles , scrap paper sheets  and mud stained drawings... Continue Reading →


Of Expensive Tomatoes, Body Issues and A Case of the Supposed To-Be’s

A case of the Supposed to-be’s - Ze Frank I sit here thinking about all the things I was supposed to be, but I ain’t.  Then the thoughts come hard at me; bashing from every direction. I can’t sleep.  It’s 2:00am and I have work tomorrow. I stand in front of the mirror, bare baked.... Continue Reading →

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