Rusinga Festival 2016: Rowing to Victory 

​I was as excited as 5 year old who’d just taken a cup of coke in the morning (sounds like the start of a class 6 composition, IKR ?😄) That morning when we were supposed to head out to Rusinga,  I could barely contain the inner kid in me.   I was packed and ready,  seated by the door impatiently,  waiting for that “We’re almost at your place” text.  
I had grand dreams about the content I was going to create.  Then my camera and my laptop got jacked on the night we arrived.  That thing about not counting chickens before they hatch. Fate.  Things happen. 

Anyway,  this did not stop me from enjoying the beauty that is Rising Island.  The blend of the hills and the lake makes all the sunrises and sunsets breathtaking.   Ended up missing alot of the events that were planned out for the #RusingaFestival except the Boat Racing. 
This was honestly my favorite part  of the entire festival.  I was onboard the Judges motorboat so I got to witness the entire event up close. I cannot even begin to describe the adrenaline rush 

The boat racing is a display of sheer muscle work and skill,  there is no place for folks with weak arms. You have to row your way to victory. Strong,  hard and fast.  Both the women and men’s race winners were entitled to a cash price.  
Here a few shots from the boat race that I took using Kasichana’s phone. 


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