Musings: Of Emoji Love and Fickle Hearts 

Easy. It all starts that way. The long texts, the voice notes filled with warmth and sweet nothings, the long phonecalls that plunge deep into the night's thick bossom.  You will wake up to him tagging you in videos he thinks you might like- she will mention you in all the funny tweets or places she... Continue Reading →


Everyday Matatu Struggles in Nairobi

When the conductor says "Wanne iende.." 2. When you believe the conductor's "wanne iende" lies only to enter the matatu and find nobody... 3. When the conductor tells you "Uko na mbao nikupee nikupee  1070 bob"' 4. How conductors pretend they have forgotten to give you change 5. How you look at the conductor when... Continue Reading →

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