Misimu Zangu: Bilharzia

Growing up a girl is tough. Growing up as a girl without a mother, now that’s 100 times tougher.


20 Struggles You Will Relate with if you went to AGHS (Bush)

1 In second term when you had to wear your half-sweater, sweater, Anorak jacket , Scarf and Leg-warmers but that Kikuyu cold was still merciless   2 Trying to stay awake during Rev Marion’s unending sermons and 2-hour prayers   3 When she’d start mentioning how “your father’s sold cows and goats to bring you... Continue Reading →

Of the men we loved and lost

Strange how time flies. Just the other day you were mourning. Bleeding your tears dry because the man you loved broke your heart. How could he? After all the two of you had been through, why would he crush your heart into pulp so mercilessly? Hadn’t you given him your heart, soul, body and spirit?... Continue Reading →

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