The Rackster

[ Here is a writer that wants to rule the world one ball at a time. Meet Canduh. A self proclaimed ball buster and a closet feminist. I say closet just to rustle the hornets nest. Well have a read and see for yourself. The Rackster plays a pretty good host. So welcome to my world. For more on her works take the time to visit her World of Random.]

His eyes are shut tight.  He’s breathing hard, fast, panting like a dog. Sweat is trickling down the sides of his face. He’s saying mumbling something but I can’t quite get the words. It’s about to happen. I keep stroking. His manhood gripped tightly in my hands. And finally, I feel the warm thick fluid pour into my hands. I see his face contort into some weird expression. His body twists and convulses as he pours his…

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