Ever had one of those days that you feel like bitch slapping people for being so irritating? You feel like shutting the entire world out and sitting on a lonesome cliff facing the ocean and just get lost in it’s enchanting beauty.

Well today has been a rather long and lousy day. I don’t know why exactly but Lord knows how irritable I was. And to add salt to injury, I kept bumping into the most irritating people. People i tactfully avoid even on my happy days.

How I wish there was a mute button for such occasions. I certainly wish i owned an invisibility cloak so I could have my moments alone. This is where Batsy’s utility belt would come in handy.

Why do people have to be so irritating though? Why must that girl with an irritating voice in my class have to be so loud and opinionated every time? Why cant people read your body language and see the “I don’t want to talk to humans” signal from the look in your eyes? Why must peope call you Leah yet they know you don’t really like the name. What’s so hard about Kanda?

Why must people pray so loudly at 6am in the morning and interfere with other people’s sleep? Surely, God isn’t deaf. He’ll still hear the prayers either way.

And why must men think that someone is interested in romantic ventures with them simply because you smiled and said “hi” first? Why? Am i to be rude and sulky so that you understand that I’m not interested?

Why can’t people just let others be? What’s so hard about that?

I’m not perfect, i judge at times but atleast I have the courage to air my judgemental sentiments to your face then let you be.

I am irritable. Easily agitated. I get mad so fast. Poke a sensitive spot and I snap. You can say I’m short~tempered. That bit I already know.

My grandma once told me I’ve always been a moody child. Extreme on the emotions. I can be as happy as lark at one point and without an ounce of life the next. I am as passionate as I am impassionate.

I have learnt to live with this. To bask in my hey days and to wallow in the pain and misery when I’m sad.

Today I feel evil. Darkness has spread over my soul. I feel disturbed…destruction is my release.

I feel like smashing my window and pressing the broken glass pieces in the palm of my hands. Watch as the blood trickles and my pain is purged. I feel like taking away the life of some harmless creature. To give life is wonderful but to take it is power.

There’s a blackout and the darkness describes my soul. I wish i could cover up the moon that we may be one with the darkness. Just me and the quitness that comes with the dark.

I wish I was Mandy for a while. I can feel the orange embers of evil burning in my eyes. I wish it could consume all the people who feel that they are righteous and have the pompous charade of imposing their sentiments on other people. They deserve to be wiped from the earth. That only the free and liberal spirits may roam on the planet. But i know that killing won’t make things any better.

The darkness plunges. My phone’s battery is dying. I have so much on mind. It’s consuming me. It’s raining outside. Perhaps when I wake up, things will be better. With dawn comes a new hope…

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