The world is full of stupid people, no doubts about it. Why else would a bunch of “educated” people justify the stripping of a young lady for dressing “inappropriately”? These idiots are the same ones who justify the raping of women who are “indecently” dressed. I was shocked and genuinely disturbed when one of my followers tweeted “Rape these women till they dress appropriately”.

I would forgive an uneducated village Elder from a conservative Islamic background for saying such, but for a university graduate, that’s utter bull.

I am mad, not because I am a victim but because women have been on the receiving end of men’s foolish rules on how they should live their lives for far too long. Who exactly decided what’s modest and immodest after all? And why do these modesty rules only apply to women?

Why should my mode of dressing bother you in any way? Scantily dressed women provoke you? They cause you to sin? Why don’t you gorge out your eyes so you don’t have to see them? Why not walk around town blindfolded if it bothers you so? Why must women be the ones to cover up and dress in a manner you deem modest just to please you?

Who exactly died and made all these men agitating for women to dress “decently” the protectors of morality? Why not go marry a submissive wife and sire daughters so that you can teach them what to wear or not wear?

If you really wanted to live in a country where women are modest, then migrate to Saudi Arabia or some isolated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but while we’re in Kenya keep your opinions on how women dress to yourself.

Besides, who said wearing short dresses in immodest in the first place? Women in the traditional African Culture have been known to wear close to nothing over the centuries. The white man brought this whole idea of clothing with colonialism so don’t come feed me crap on how showing my cleavage and legs is UnAfrican and indecent. I come from a community where women just wore beads and an animal skin across the shoulders yet there was no rape. How do you explain that?

If how a woman dresses bothers you so much such that the evil spirits in you tell you to go strip her, then you my friend are suffering from acute stupidity that even education nor exorcism can’t get rid of. Women will continue to wear what they want and there’s nothing you can do about it other than call them whores. What’s a little name-calling anyway? Never heard it kill anyone.

If I want to walk around naked, that’s my godamn business! Go dictate to your daughter, your wife and your sisters on how they should dress, not me.

Viva La Feminism!