The Hungry Traveller

I forgot my blog’s password again. Had to reset it just now. Am beginning to wonder if there is a world record for most reset passwords because if you combine all my social networks I must be platinum.

We begin with another of my mother’s quips. After my birthday earlier this month I was stressing over the phone about taxes and the brokeness that had come to dine with me and my mom says to me, “Welcome to adulthood” and I say to her “I’d like to go back to childhood now, thankyou” and her sarcastic  response came quite quickly, “Then change your name to Peter Pan”. I have since ceased taking my financial problems to her.

So after a whole month of being hard-pressed for cash, one of my best friends @theBNguy convinced me to go for Chicken Wings. Actually the word ‘derailed’ is more accurate. I was ten…

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